Reset the workplace mindset.

What could become possible for you and your company if you discovered a fast, effective and profound way to help your employees become happier, more energized, and more empowered to achieve their greatest goals? Imagine finding a transformational solution that would eliminate stress and burnout in your company, and increase positivity and well-being overall.

We hold that transformational solution!
Maira Folia Mina Taliaki

How do we do it?

We are Maira Folia (BA, MBA) and Mina Taliaki (BSc, MSc), Certified Coaches, Energy Leadership practitioners and founders of the Reset Platform. We have a mission to help visionary companies cultivate positive work cultures through the power of the mindset and well-being of their employees.

With practical experience in multinational and smaller companies in Greece and abroad, we have observed throughout our careers that the greatest competitive advantage for any company is happy, energized and motivated employees.

Over the last 10 years, we have helped hundreds of people in Greece and abroad reach their greatest personal potential through a scientifically proven and transformational self-empowerment program.

Achieving sustainable transformation and long-lasting change isn't easy. But we have figured out that it is possible when you have these three key elements: inner-self work, effective tools and ongoing support. By using the best tools in the world and providing a support system, we activate people on a deeper level and hold them accountable in order for them to unlock their own true potential and well-being.

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Why hire the Reset Platform?

We are the best solution to the challenges you are currently facing, if:


You have tried various trainings to boost performance, increase engagement or reduce conflict and stress, but it hasn't brought you the results you were aiming for.

You are not the only one! Most companies are struggling with finding sustainable solutions to these challenges. That is because their focus is on treating the symptoms.

The Reset Platform goes to the root of the challenge, which starts with the mindset and the wellbeing of the individual.

Our mindset and wellbeing determine how we do everything. It is influenced by our genes, our experiences, and our surroundings. We focus on providing each individual, at any level of the company, with the best tools to reset their mindset in order to unlock their unlimited inner potential and create an impact for themselves, for their team and for their company overall. This creates a ripple effect within the company, activating change from the top down, and from the bottom up.


You know that there must be a better way to connect and collaborate with your people, but you haven't identified it. Yet.

In 2024 the world of work has become a different reality. Higher demands, uncertainty, remote work, global political instability and digital transformation are only some of the changes resulting in higher stress, anxiety and burnout, more conflict, higher employee turnover and lower engagement.

The solution lies in finding a way to move away from the fear of uncertainty and into the safety and confidence of certainty. Of course, in the real world, this shift can only happen on a mindset and emotional level, which is actually the Reset Platform's goal.


You do not know where to start!

You know that you need to do something differently, you feel that it is time to change things up in order to move forward, you feel that if you stay where you are the challenges are only going to get bigger, but you do not know what the best first step is.

We do and we can show you the way. The first step is to start with empowering the individual. So do not hesitate a minute longer!

Services offered

Our Signature

Experiential Workshop

"Reset your Mindset for Success"

Get a taste of the transformation that is possible in your people through our 2-hour, empowering workshop.

During our signature workshop, your people will:

  • Become aware of their current mindset
  • Learn how to deal with challenges in the most effective and empowering way
  • Design a new, positive mindset in relation to goal-setting and change, in order to unlock their greatest potential.

The Reset Platform Online Program

Through our innovative 5-month online coaching program, we will hold your people's hand through a step-by-step process of mindset and well-being transformation.

Every graduate of our customized personal development coaching program will come out truly empowered and with a new set of empowering beliefs and attitudes towards challenges, stress, change, relationships and opportunities, in both their professional and personal life.

Additionally they will feel closer to their team, and create a stronger sense of belonging within the company.

Executive & Team Coaching

Our Tailor-made, high-end Executive and Team Coaching services are designed to provide the best and fastest solutions to specific challenges your company might be currently facing.

Based on your agenda, our highly skilled and experienced team of expert Executive Coaches, with an impressive track record of thousands of coaching hours under their belts, will help your Leaders and Teams turn challenges into unprecedented success stories.

As change agents, we are passionate about assisting people on their journey of discovering and unlocking their true, unlimited potential.

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Client Love

“The program has been a game-changer, forging a more united and committed team that works much better together. Communication flows, people feel more connected, and they have brought more laughter and humor at work. What's also remarkable is the positive changes it has sparked in their personal lives as well.”

Demetra E.(S! Group, Luxury Retail & Hospitality Services)

“We applaud Mina and Maira for spearheading a positive transformation in our team dynamics. We experience better teamwork, harmony, happiness, well-being and we center our work more around our values. This shift from a hierarchical pyramid to a collaborative circle has empowered equal participation, fostering a culture where everyone shares ideas and insights."

Katerina K. (H Company, Pharmaceuticals)

From uncertainty to certainty

The foundation of our program is to move people, at any level of your company, from a mindset that focuses on everything that is currently uncertain, stressful and limiting, to a mindset that focuses on certainty, confidence, gratitude, positivity and growth.



That's right. We use the best and most effective tools in the world to ensure that every minute allocated to your people and by your people brings impactful change.



We have been on both sides. We have held the steering wheel as company leaders but have also been in the shoes of the employees.

We understand you both.



Together, we will work things out. We look at the big picture and as a team, we design the best solutions to ensure that your biggest challenges become your greatest opportunities for human connection and unprecedented success.

Are you ready to press the reset button?

Book a complimentary coaching call with the Reset Team today to let us know what challenges you might be currently facing and find out together if we are the one-stop solution you have been looking for!